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The Couple to Couple Marital Therapy
As a husband and wife team, Margaret Goger-Cranston, LSCSW and Michael Cranston, LCMFT provide a unique offering to committed couples who believe they would benefit from the male and female perspective on their relationship. This approach is grounded in the historic best practice of marital and family systems therapy, and enhanced by our training as sex therapists. We collaborate together and with the couple using separate and combined sessions based on a personalized treatment plan.

We recognize that many couples may want to work with one therapist. Margaret Goger-Cranston and Michael Cranston are both experienced in providing a dynamic and effective therapeutic experience for couples who see them individually.


Margaret Goger-Cranston and Michael Cranston are both Certified Sex Therapists through the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT). Sex is a normal, healthy part of human function and experience.  Working through sexual dysfunction and intimacy issues requires a sensitive and knowledgeable therapist. You can arrange with either Michael or Margaret for evaluation and therapy for your individual or couple sexual concerns.

Is Sexual Addiction Effecting Your Life?
Margaret and Michael believe that human sexuality can be a life enhancing, fun and emotionally bonding experience. However, like any activity that stimulates the pleasure centers in our brain and connects so closely to our sense of self, it can be misused and morph into a negative experience, fraught with shame, and  destructive to individual and relational growth. Margaret and Michael provide individual, couples, and group therapy, as well as therapy for spouses affected by problematic sexual patterns like porn addiction, marital affairs, and sexual anorexia. 


Men's Growth Group is facilitated by Michael Cranston just for men struggling with ploblematic sexual behavior. Group provides a confidential, therapeutic, and cost effective resource that lets you know you are not alone in dealing with difficult issues. The group meets on a weekly basis. Please contact Michael for more information.