Goger-Cranston offers Personal and Couple Coaching for clients who recognize that consulting a professional can optimize your individual and relationship potential with a fresh perspective, tools and accountability to help you move forward on your goals. Because we each have years of professional experience in working with individuals and couples (Masters level clinicians and AASECT certified sex therapists) you can be confident we have the life experience and proven skills to engage your potential toward your success.*

We collaborate with you, listen to your story and perspective, challenge and celebrate you.


Margaret and Michael believe that deeply connected, sensual marriages or long term committed relationships are the real wealth in a life well lived. However, even the healthiest relationship can have episodes of feeling stuck, stale or even disconnected. When couples could use an infusion of fresh tools, perspective and pleasure to re-invigorate their emotional and physical connection, we recommend couple coaching.*



We can help you:


Improve your communication and cooperation


Proactively address effects that come with maturing and life stage changes 


Specific coaching around sensual and sexual aspects of relationships

couples coaching


  • Initial 30 minute consultation for coaching is free.

  • One Coach Couples Coaching: Margaret OR Michael, collaborating with you on your goals as a couple.

  • The first couple coaching appointment is 90 minutes to tune in on your history, desired outcomes, and to create your game plan. $225.

  • Couple coaching session packages: 2 -55-60 minute appointments for $300. $550 for 4 - 55-60 minute appointments.


exclusive to goger-cranston : couple to couple coaching


Margaret and Michael bring their professional knowledge and experience, as well as their unique understanding as a married couple to the couples’ coaching experience. Have you and your partner ever wished you could sit and talk honestly to another couple who gets it? We have coached couples who are in business together, couples adjusting to raising kids, launching kids, aging together, and many sexual differences.*

Purchase of Couple to Couple coaching packages include the Process Communication Model “Key to Stress” to assist in understanding personality differences, motivations, and predictable distress behavior.


  • Initial 30 minute consultation for coaching is free.

  • The first Couple to Couple Coaching appointment is 90 minutes to tune into your shared and individual history, explore individual and shared desired outcomes, and begin to create your relationship game plan. $300.00

  • Couple to Couple Coaching session packages: 2 - 60 minute appointments for $350.00

  • $650.00 for 4 -60 minutes appointments.

personal life coach

Personal Life Coaching is for adults who are in a life transition, or feeling stuck and have a desire to grow in their self knowledge, maximize their strengths and minimize

weaknesses, and position themselves for more successful living.


  • Initial 30 minute consultation for coaching is free.

  • The first coaching appointment is 90 minutes to tune in on your history, desired outcomes, and to create your game plan. $200.

  • Personal coaching sessions are $300 for 2 - 50 minute appointments,

  • $500 for 4 - 50 minute appointments.

*Coaching is not appropriate for high conflict, crisis, or when mental health concerns are present. Please look at our therapy options if one of these situations is present.

All coaching packages are to be paid at the time of scheduling.

Health insurance does not cover personal or couple coaching.

therapist consultation

Margaret and Michael provide consultation for other mental health professionals who need support and clarity for a specific case or for managing their own concerns.  $150/hr

maybe you just need a coach