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See me, hear me, 6 feet away

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

We are finally launching our new website as we anticipate being back in the office for some face-to-face sessions with clients June 15th. At times my head has felt jammed up as I tried to fathom how to work in conditions that are new to all of us. I was trained in infection control when I worked as a mental health worker on an inpatient unit, but that was years ago. Then it was about complying with hospital regulations. Now it is about protecting our clients and ourselves in a way I never imagined in 1990. We will instruct clients to wait in cars until called so the waiting room is open, use sanitizer, bring a mask or we will provide one, sign a new waivers accepting risk with face-to-face appointments due to Covid-19. . . . wait. Does the building restroom have enough soap for all the washing? Note: Supply own hand soap. How will people feel about us taking their temperature? Will the Lysol spray or the Clorox wipes dry on the sofa between appointments when I schedule this close? Note: Use paper towels to dry them. More time before you call the next client.

We won't get this perfect. It will be awkward. When someone has taken off their mask and leans forward into the 6 ft gap between my seat and theirs, I will have to ask them to sit back. We will still have teletherapy for those who prefer it now. We will go back to it any time we think we have been exposed. This is a time for grace and kindness; believing in the best intentions on all of our parts, and reminders that are gentle when we are not getting it quite right. Be safe and well.

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